Future Foods & Agriculture consultant - specialist knowledge in plant based and alternative protein systems and new foods strategy

  • 14+ years experience in communications, marketing and journalism

  • Extensive local and international future foods networks including experts, serial founders, accelerators, researchers and VCs in the foodtech, alternative protein, cellular agriculture and biotech sectors across NZ, Silicon Valley, Israel and Europe

  • Advisor to FoodSpace+Co food incubator (US), New Protein Association (US), Cellular Agriculture Society (US)

  • Venture Partner, Aera Vc (Future Foods)

  • Experienced in working with C-suite level executives, start-ups and governments (NZ, Australia, U.S. and U.K.) to develop future food and sustainability strategies, communication plans & content delivery

  • Regular keynote speaker (including TEDx) on the future of food and agriculture

  • Regular appearances on TV and radio as expert commentator on future food systems and agriculture. International judge and NZ 40 under 40 Influencer and Disrupter Category (UoA, 2018)

  • PhD in environmental innovation & sustainable technology development

  • Regularly engaged outside of Future Foods & Agriculture industry for pitch deck creation, strategy refinement and public speaking preparation (recent clients include Advent Gold Ltd - a disruptive exploration/mining company seeking to break into the NZ market)